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There are literally hundreds of thousands of great software programs compatible with OS X in Apple’s App Store – not to mention the thousands more that are scattered across the Web. In this list, we’ve compiled some of the best Mac apps available. Since there are so many apps available, we pared it down to only include programs that are most likely to be useful to the average Mac user.


There are loads of great window management tools out there, and each one seems to take a different approach to the same task. Afloat is a wonderfully simple utility that allows you to ‘float’ certain windows and keep them on top. You can also pin windows to the front of the screen, and adjust the transparency of any window you choose. This transparency function is especially useful for users working with limited screen space, which makes Afloat a must-have for 13- or 15-inch MacBook owners.


Other notable windows management tools include: DivvyBetter Snap Tool, and Cinch.

Give your Mac a volume boost with Boom. The tiny program allows you to turn up the volume past Apple’s pre-determined boundaries. This might not be the most useful app on this list if you already have volume-boosting PC speakers, but if you’re working with your Mac’s built-in speakers, then this utility is especially useful. While it’s generally not a good idea to push your speakers past their limit, Boom comes in handy when you’re watching or listening to things that aren’t very loud to begin with and need an extra boost to be audible.

Breakaway is a simple utility that pauses iTunes when it detects that your headphone jack is unplugged. You can also set it to pause your music and movies when you hit mute to make your life that much easier. Never again will you have to suffer through an embarrassing moment when your headphones pop out for a second and cause your computer to blast Ricky Martin’s greatest hits at full volume for a few seconds as you fumble to plug your phones back in.

Fan Control
Sometimes your Mac gets hot. When it does, and you feel like it could use some extra cooling down, use the Fan Control app to designate how many RPMs your fan spins at. 

Always a favorite, this one keeps your computer from going into sleep mode or performing the auto-dim function. Great for reading long documents or any other activity in which you don’t touch the keyboard or mouse for extended periods of time. 

Perian is essentially a codec pack that augments QuickTime and makes it capable of reading pretty much any file format. It’s extremely lightweight and it saves you from having to download another program just to play your media.



Of all the RSS aggregators out there, Reeder easily ranks in the top three. Its position on the podium is up for debate, but there’s no denying that it’s one of the best. It started life as an iOS app and was later redesigned to work on OS X, which shows in the smooth and intuitive interface. It syncs easily with Google Reader and also has an auto-load function so that you can quickly switch over and read the article on the actual website if you prefer.


While we’re generally not fans of skeuomorphism in computer applications, Pulp is definitely an exception. It forgoes the traditional RSS aggregator format in favor of a more familiar newspaper-like layout – and pulls it off quite nicely. The app displays your news in a fully-customizable and easy-to-digest format that makes it easier to locate the news you’re actually interested in reading. Pulp also has a ‘Magic Reader’ function that will retrieve the entire article when only a portion of the story is displayed by the feed – an incredibly helpful  feature that’s missing in other aggregators.


If you’re a voracious consumer of music and you find yourself constantly switching between your local library and dozens of online streaming sources, then Tomahawk is just what you need. The program essentially unifies all of your music into one source – no matter if your tunes are located on YouTube, Spotify, your iTunes library, or even a friend’s library. Tomahawk works with tons of different online music services. If your favorite one isn’t supported, you can create a “resolver” to make it work. It takes a second to get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll never use another music program again.


Audacity is a free and open-source audio editor and recorder. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, but that curve isn’t nearly as steep as you’ll find with other audio editors. Despite the fact that it’s completely free, Audacity is packed with advanced features that make it a serious contender against paid programs.


Plex is a free media manager application/UPnP media server client that we’re in love with for it’s slick interface, powerful features, and nonexistent pricetag. We highly recommend this one. 


Ever wanted to control your computer with Minority Report style gestures? With Flutter, you can finally live that dream. Once installed, the app allows you to control iTunes (and a few other programs/Web apps) just by making hand signals at your iSight camera. It’s surprisingly quick and even works well at a distance. This is definitely a fun one to impress your friends with.



iShowU HD
Screen capture apps are a dime a dozen, but none are as full-featured and simple to use as this one created by shinywhitebox. It allows you to capture any section of the screen, no matter how big or small it may be, while also giving you the option of recording audio coming from inside or outside your Mac – or both. 



Need to send a large file like a movie or a lossless audio file to your friend? We recommend using FTP, the File Transfer Protocol, and to use it, you’ll need a good FTP client. Cyberduck is your best option in our opinion. Don’t dig the interface? Alternatives include FireFTPTransmit, and FileZilla 



Mac users have an incredibly vast selection of excellent photo editing programs, but even against thousands of competitors, Pixelmator stands out as one of the best. It’s got a massive list of powerful features, and is probably the fastest program of its type that we’ve ever used.



It used to be that making professional-grade HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos meant using three or four different effects programs, but thanks to brilliant software developers, those days are no more. HDRtist is an all-in-one HDR production studio, which is dead simple to use.



Bored with the simplistic fade-in/fade-out playthrough style of your iTunes playlists but don’t want to buy a set of turntables just to mix your music? Check out Mixxx. It’s definitely not as full-featured as programs like Virtual DJ Pro, but the learning curve also isn’t nearly as steep. 

 Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 10.33.32 AM


Think of Alfred as Spotlight on crystal meth. It’s an application launcher, but it can do a lot more than just that. With Alfred, you can quickly perform calculations, execute Web searches, and quickly find word definitions, among many other functions.


Better Touch Tool
BTT boosts the functionality of your trackpad or Magic Mouse by adding more gesture control options to the mix. Once installed, you can tap in corners, tap and swipe with up to 11 (11!!!) fingers, and in the case of the Magic Mouse, have pinch-to-zoom functionality. 



Pathfinder is an alternative to Finder that gives you more advanced features and control than Apple’s default file manager. Replacing your computer’s file management system isn’t something that even crosses most people’s minds, but you’d be surprised how useful the added functionality is. PathFinder keeps the same familiar interface that Finder has, adding things like tabbed folder browsing and bookmarking to make it even better. Check out the link for full details. We don’t have enough space to list all of the awesome stuff it can do.



Text Expander

If you find yourself writing certain phrases over and over again, Text Expander is for you. There are tons of text expansion apps out there, but this one is dead simple and very straightforward. Never heard of a text expander? What they do is allow you to build pre-written snippets that will pop up when you enter a specific key combination. For example, you could type TYSM, and have it expand into “thank you so much,” or potentially even an entire thank you e-mail. 



Evernote is the undisputed king of note taking apps, and for good reason. It’s simple, organized in a highly intuitive way, and syncs with just about any Web service you can imagine. Since it’s one of the most popular apps in existence, there’s a veritable boatload of browser extensions and add-ons available for it as well. Also be sure to check out Evernote’s screenshot annotation tool called Skitch.


Text Wrangler

With so many free text editors out there for Mac users, you have absolutely no reason to pay for Microsoft Word. Some lean toward minimalism and strip away advanced features, but Text Wrangler isn’t one of those. This program is the Cadillac of free text editors. It has every bell, whistle, and advanced formatting option you’ll ever need.



To-do lists are another category that’s overflowing with choices. TDL apps are a dime a dozen, but Anxiety is our favorite. It’s ultra lightweight, hides in a small spot in your menubar, and doesn’t offer anything more than bare-bones task management. 



Flashcards are hands down one of the best ways to cram vocabulary words into your brain before that big Bio-Chem exam you’ve got coming up, but making them all by hand is incredibly time consuming. Smartr not only makes it easier to create flashcards, it also acts as a study buddy and makes quizzing yourself super simple.






Fluid is an app for making your favorite websites into desktop apps. Tell it what site you’d like to transform, and it’ll make what’s called a site-specific browser for that site. Fluid then puts an app in your dock for easy access. Site-specific browsers are just what they sound like: browsers dedicated to accessing pages from a single source. It’s nice to be able to access your favorite websites just like you access desktop apps, and, if used properly, Fluid can really help you stay focused.


Hate trying to remember every single password for every account you have? 1Password is a fantastic password manager that secures all your passwords in a fully-encrypted vault, which you then access by using your master password.



Similar apps include Wallet and LastPass.


If your Mac ever gets stolen, you’ll be glad you installed Undercover. The stolen device recovery app lets you track your computer’s location as soon as the perpetrator connects to the Internet. When they do, Undercover allows you to remotely log on to your Mac, log all of the activity, and even take screenshots of the person who robbed you.

Free alternative: Prey


iOS notifies you when your apps should be updated, so why can’t OS X do the same? AppFresh adds this kind of functionality to your Mac and makes sure that all of your applications, widgets, preference panes, and app plugins are up to date.  


GeekTool is a free desktop customization tool for your Mac. It allows you to use shell scripts to add things like date/time indicators, weather info, or even RSS feeds to your desktop. Even if you’re not a code guru, the GeekTool website has a long list of user scripts (called Geeklets) that you can snag and install with ease.


Paragon NTFS
If you live or work with Windows users, you’ve probably encountered a few frustrating situations in which you need to modify files from an NTFS formatted hard drive but couldn’t because your Mac can’t write to NTFS. Paragon changes that and makes it easy for you to create, delete, or modify files on NTFS hard drives from the comfort of OS X.


App Zapper
App Zapper touts itself as “the uninstaller Apple forgot,” and that’s a pretty apt description. Oftentimes, when you drag a file or program to the trash and delete it, there are other files associated with it that remain on your Mac. App Zapper fixes this problem and finds all files associated with whatever you’re deleting, giving you the option of throwing them out as well. 

Free alternative: AppCleaner


Daisy Disk
There are plenty of disk analytics apps out there, but none of them can match the style and simplicity of Daisy Disk. With an awesome visual layout, it helps you quickly determine what’s taking up space on our drive and provides tools to help you clean it up.



Little Snitch
Little Snitch is a permissions blocker that lets you control all of your incoming and outgoing connections. If you’ve got a program that you don’t want connecting to the Internet, Little Snitch can block it for you. You can set it to block things just once, until you quit, or forever. It’s really nice for control freaks like us who prefer to know everything our Mac is doing.

Alternative: Hands Off is extremely similar and it’s also $5 cheaper. 


Not so fond of Apple’s native Mail application? Give Thunderbird a try. Developed by Mozilla (the same group who brought us Firefox), Thunderbird is packed with powerful and intuitive features, but isn’t very complicated to use. 

Other notable mail clients: Postbox and Sparrow.


Adium is a multi-protocol instant messaging client that can bundle all of your accounts into one simple application. Just tell it which services you use (AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Facebook, etc.) and it’ll pull all of your contacts and organize them into a unified space with a clean UI.

Alternatives: Pidgin and Trillian.

You’ve reached the end of the list! We know for a fact that we’ve left out tons of good ones, so we invite you to share your favorites with us in the comments below!

On a budget? Check out our list of the best free software applications.

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/best-mac-apps/#ixzz2RkAc5aui 



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March 20 2013 4 20 /03 /March /2013 07:41

If you lump them all together, there are probably no fewer than a zillion different music apps on Google Play, the App Store, and Windows Phone Store combined. Those aren’t exact figures, but based on Digital Trends’ own independent research, we estimate that the number is somewhere between a zillion and a jillion. So as a smartphone user, you have access to just about any type of music program imaginable, from internet radio apps to guitar tuners and everything in-between. But unfortunately your smartphone has a limited amount of space, so you’ve got to be choosy. You can’t download the entire zillion apps (yet), so we’ve dug up the best music apps available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

It should be noted, however, that the number of music apps available varies greatly from store to store. Apple’s App Store easily has the most, followed closely by Google Play – but the Windows Store is currently anemic when it comes to music apps. As such, you’ll find that the following list features proportionately more iOS and Android apps than those for Windows Phone. We’ll update the list as the Windows store grows, but for now it’s rather short on options.

Jump To:

If you’re looking for more than just music apps, check out our roundups of the Best iPhone AppsBest Android Apps, and Best Windows Phone Apps.

soundhound_iconSoundhound (free) windows phone get it on google_playavailable on the app store

Ever heard a song and wished you knew what it was called or who recorded it? Download Soundhound and you’ll never have to wonder ever again. Whenever a song comes on that you don’t know, flip on the app and hit the big orange button. Soundhound will record and analyze the incoming audio, and compare it against a database of millions of songs to find a match. It doesn’t work for the most obscure music out there, but you’ll be surprised by how quick and accurate it is.

soundhound screenshots

Spotify_IconSpotify (free)windows phoneget it on google_playavailable on the app store

As one of the titans of the online music streaming game, Spotify stands out from the rest of the pack with an absolutely stellar mobile app. No need to fill up your phone’s memory with MP3′s – Spotify will stream millions of songs from the Internet for a small monthly fee. It offers a free streaming service for your desktop, but you’ll have to pay for the monthly service to use the mobile app. It’s worth it though. Just ask our resident Spotify addict, Jeff Van Camp.

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 4.31.18 PM

LastFM_iconLast.fm (free)windows phoneget it on google_playavailable on the app store

Somewhere between the randomness of discovering new music on the radio and the tediousness of searching for new bands manually lies Last.fm. It’s done a fantastic job of porting all the features from the full site into various mobile apps, which makes it one of the best music internet radio/music discovery apps you can get on your phone.

last FM

soundcloud-iconSoundcloud (free)get it on google_playavailable on the app store

Soundcloud is one of the best music services on the Web, so it stands to reason that they have a fantastic mobile app. Even though it’s been slimmed down to fit your phone, the app retains all the same functionality you’ll find on the full site, which means you can easily listen to songs in your feed, search for new artists to follow, and even record/post sounds. 

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 4.52.15 PM

songkickSongkick (free)get it on google_playavailable on the app store

If live music is your thing, you need this app. Once installed, Songkick will scan the music on your phone, pick out the artists you like, save them, and alert you via email whenever they come to play a show near your town. It indexes show info from thousands of ticket vendors and venues, so whenever a show is booked, you’ll be the first to know.


uberhypeUberhype (free)get it on google_play

Uberhype is the mobile version of the The Hype Machine, a fantastic music discovery service that indexes songs based on their popularity on blogs. The more times a particular song is posted on various music blogs across the web, the higher it rises on THM’s charts. This unique approach makes it great for music discovery and makes it easy to find great music you wouldn’t come across on sites like Pandora or Spotify.


Track 8Track 8 ($2)available on the app store

For all the time and effort that Apple puts into the design of its products and services, the native iOS music app is pretty primitive and ugly. If you want your music browsing/listening to be more intuitive, interactive, and beautiful, then check this app out. It’s an alternative music player that lets you peruse and play your tunes in a metro style browser.


Music Creation apps

If you’re tired of listening to music and would rather start making some of your own, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a list of our favorite music creation apps on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

Jump to:


gibson iconLearn & Master Guitar (free)get it on google_playavailable on the app store

Looking to learn how to play guitar, or perhaps just touch up your already stellar shredding skills? Why not use technology to help you out? Legendary guitar manufacturer Gibson teamed up with Legacy Learning Systems to create one of the most comprehensive guitar teaching apps of all time. And best of all, it’s completely free. 

Gibson Learn & Master Guitar

ocarinaOcarina ($1)available on the app store

Even with tens of thousands of music apps available in the App Store, Ocarina is still something of an oddity. Its really unlike any other music app out there. The app works by picking up sounds as you blow into the microphone, and then translating them into airy, ocarina-like noises. You use your fingers to change the notes, and can tilt the phone to change the level of vibrato. Sheet music for hundreds of songs is available at Smule’s website.



iGOGiGOG Massive Drums ($3)available on the app store

iGOG is a massive multi-sampled drum machine that’s based on Drumagog technology – a drum replacer that’s been used by recording engineers all over the globe for over a decade. There are a wide variety of drum apps out there, but we like this one because it’s extremely simple to use and it sounds far better than most you’ll find for this price.


pocketband proPocketBand ($10)get it on google_play

There are boatloads of music collaboration apps in the Google Play store, but this one takes the cake. Think of it as a stripped-down digital audio workstation with a focus on social collaboration. It offers a ton of cool features, but somehow the interface isn’t complicated in the least. Most new users won’t have trouble picking it up and making music right away.


songmaker iconSongmaker ($2)available on the app store

If Britney Spears or T-Pain are any example, it doesn’t take talent to make music anymore. What it takes is technology, and that, my friend, is exactly what your iPhone is filled with. By using a powerful pitch correction algorithm, songmaker can smooth out imperfections in your voice. It’s also got an assortment of drums and loops, so it’s a great tool for developing song ideas.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 3.24.30 PM

tempo iconTempo Metronome ($2/$1)get it on google_playavailable on the app store

If you’re a musician of any kind, you’re inevitably going to encounter a situation where you need a good, reliable metronome. But with so many great metronome apps out there, how do you choose the right one?! When in doubt, go with the crowd. Tempo has consistently ranked in the top 100 music apps ever since it hit the store and for good reason. It has a great interface and all the features you’ll ever need in a metronome.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 3.28.32 PM

imaschine iconiMaschine ($5)available on the app store

Native instruments, the makers of the hugely popular Ableton Live digital audio workstation, Massive Synthesizer, and a wide variety of mixing hardware and DJ controllers, have taken everything that works so well on their Maschine controllers and condensed it down to fit on an iPhone. Despite being rather expensive, this app has enough features to warrant the steep price tag.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 3.31.34 PM


Source from: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/best-music-apps/#ixzz2O3llZnQT 


Continue Reading:

6 Top Uses For Bluetooth On Your Android Phone

5 Free Call Recorder Apps for Android

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December 10 2012 2 10 /12 /December /2012 07:21

Apps-Android-Shopping-IntroWith Thanksgiving passing into memory, we now have to prepare for one of the most joyous and festive holidays of the year: Christmas! And, for better or worse, Christmas is the season where we need to shop, shop, shop for gifts. Unfortunately, for those who don’t have the time or energy, shopping can be a big pain in the neck.

On the other hand, with the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, you could make the entire shopping experience much less stressful by utilizing a few key Android apps. Instead of wandering around a mall for hours on end, now you can shop at your own leisure right from your couch, your bed, or wherever else.

Looking for catalogs? Not sure what to buy? Seeking out a few deals and coupons? Want to compare prices to find the best value? I’ve got a little bit of each in the form of 8 free shopping apps for Android, so keep reading!

Amazon / eBay

free shopping apps for android

At this point, I would say that it’s beyond arguable that Amazon and eBay are the two largest online shopping sites in the world. Amazon covers departments from Household Goods to Electronics to Office Supplies – it has everything and if you need something, there’s a 99% chance that Amazon has it. As for eBay, there’s just so much activity with over 100 million members.

The Amazon app offers a simple and clean interface for you to search and browse items, read reviews, compare prices, share items with friends, and make purchases. Over the years, Amazon has made their website into an online shopping haven, and their app is quickly reaching that same status.

If you intend to shop on eBay, the eBay app is nearly an essential. It makes it easy to search and browse the listings. If you need to check on past orders or manage your eBay activity, you can do that, too. And for those of you who aren’t just buying, you can also sell items with ease in the app.



shopping apps for android

Like eBay, Craigslist is all about user-to-user buying and selling. Though the listings on Craigslist aren’t as search-friendly as eBay might be, there are still a lot of great items to find and purchase. As long as you don’t need to buy a specific item brand new, you can browse Craigslist for the chance of coming across a fantastic item at an affordable price.

The great thing about Craigslist is that you aren’t limited to browsing. Using this app, you can put up your own personal ad telling others that you’re seeking to buy a particular item. In the US alone, Craigslist has over 60 million active members per month.


Groupon / LivingSocial

shopping apps for android

If you’re looking for deals that will absolutely blow your mind, you’ll love the Groupon and LivingSocial apps. For those of you who don’t know, Groupon and LivingSocial are services where retailers can offer up items for massive, limited-time-only discounts.

The Groupon app is a great way to receive daily updates on the latest deals. Restaurant discounts, salon and spa packages, membership coupons, clothing sales, vacation deals – you name it, you’ll find it. With this app, not only can you buy and redeem discount deals, but the app will track your deals and notify you when they’re due for expiration.

LivingSocial is like Groupon but with a greater focus on locality. It’ll help you find the best deals and discounts in your area. Clothing deals, restaurant promotions, activities and events–all of them are hand-picked by LivingSocial and delivered straight to you. Great for the solo thrifter and for families looking for excitement.


The Coupons App



For even more coupon love, you can check out the The Coupons App. With it, you’ll always have the latest coupons and deals right at your fingertips–whether it’s for retail stores, restaurants, gas stations, and more. In particular, The Coupons App can give you heads-up notice of big sales, even before they go live.

The app lets you search and save coupons as well as letting you scan barcodes for price comparisons. It also comes equipped with a home screen widget that lets you browse through real-time coupons and daily deals. It can even keep you up to date on the cheapest gas stations around you.


ShopSavvy / RedLaser

free shopping apps for android

Speaking of barcode and QR code scanners, here are two of the best on Android: ShopSavvy and RedLaser. Scanners like these allow you to gain instant access to information about the item you’re scanning. This information can be used to check online stocking options, price comparisons, sales, and more.

ShopSavvy claims to be the original barcode scanner for Android. With it, you just scan an object and you’ll find the best prices for that item, both online and locally. In their latest update, you can store your credit card information and use a one-swipe-purchase to instantly buy items from top retailers like Walmart, Target, and Buy.com.

RedLaser may not be the original, but it’s the best. Acting as both a barcode and QR code scanner, it can take a scanned item and search through thousands of online and local retailers to find the best prices for you. In addition to price charts, you’ll get product descriptions, reviews, ratings and more. Even buy things through the app if you’d like!



 I hope that the holiday shopping season won’t be too hectic for you, but with these free shopping apps for Android, that hope can turn into a guarantee. Now you don’t have to worry too much about rushing to the store, fighting through big crowds and long lines, only to discover that certain items are all out of stock.

Source from: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/8-free-shopping-apps-for-android/

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September 29 2012 7 29 /09 /September /2012 04:45

http://main.makeuseoflimited.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/ios6.jpg?6cc8a5When you install iOS 6 on your iPhone or other iOS device, you won’t see any changes to the user interface, but there are a few new apps and several new features under the hood that will make your device a lot more handy to use.

In addition to a new Maps app with turn-by-turn voice navigation, you also get Facebook integration throughout the iOS, the ability to share selected photos in your Photo Stream; preset voicemail replies, FaceTime over your cellular network, and several new handy features for the iOS camera, Mail, Safari, Find My Phone. In fact Apple claims over 200 new features are included in the new update. You can get an overview of them here, but let’s explore some of the best tips for quickly getting up and running with iOS 6.

iOS 6 is fully supported on the iPhone 4S, the third generation iPad, the 4th generation iPod Touch, and the soon to be released iPhone 5. It also supports the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, but these two devices do not include Siri, FaceTime on 3G or 4G. The iPhone 3GS will support iOS 6, but it will not include several features and apps, including Siri, Photo Streaming sharing, FaceTime on 3G, Offline Reading list, and hearing aid support. You can download and install iOS 6 wirelessly on your device (Settings app > General > Software Update) or via a wired iTunes connection.

Ios6 devices


VoiceMail Replies

After you get  iOS up and running, launch the Settings app and tap open the Phone settings, followed by “Reply with Message.” This handy little feature enables to you send preset messages when someone calls, but you can’t or don’t want to  answer.

Ios6 2

You can of course customize the preset messages; for example: “Sorry, working, will call you later.” When you receive a call, you will need to slide up the phone icon handle to reveal the “Reply with Message” and “Remind Me Later.”  You can choose your options from there.



Photo Stream

Now in Photo Stream you can select photos and share them directly from your supported device. To do this, tap the Photo Stream icon in the bottom menu bar; tap “My Photo Stream” and then the Edit button at the top-right. Select the photos you want to share, and tap the Share button at the bottom.

Hardware software

Tap the Photo Stream button to share your selected photos with other people. When you share with someone who is also running iOS 6 and iCloud, your photos will show up in their Photo Library or iPhoto app, after they approve the import. Those not running iOS 6 will receive a link to your selected photos posted online via your iCloud account. From there, they can download your photos.  You will need to enable Public Website sharing from within Photo Stream. The link to your photo pages can be shared anywhere.



VIPs in Mail

The Mail app in iOS 6 has inherited the VIP feature, first released in Mountain Lion. This feature enables you to select contacts as VIPs, each of whom will get a special smart folder where all their emails will be collected.


To assign a contact VIP status, tap on his or her From address in an email, and then the next window tap “Add to VIP.” Your VIPs will show up under Mailboxes in your Mail app. However, the only drawback is that you will get all the messages sent by a selected contact, not just their new mail.


Insert Photo or Video

Also in Mail, you can now import/insert photos or a video from within a Mail message, instead of having to export selected content from your Photos Library. To add a photo to an email, press down briefly with your index finger on an empty spot in your email, and then left your finger to bring up the pop-up menu bar. From there, tap on the right arrow and select “Insert Photo or Video.” The contents of your Photo library will pop up. You can add one photo or video at a time to your email. It’s probably best not add more than one video to a mail message.

Ios6 19



Do Not Disturb

Though the Notifications feature was a big deal when first released, many iOS users now often find it nuisance when they get too many notices at in appropriate times. In the new update, when you go into the Settings app and turn off notifications completely, or you tap the Notifications > Do Not Disturb, you can schedule a time for when you don’t want to receive calls and alerts.


Furthermore, you can make exceptions for selected contacts in your Contact book, and also allow for Repeated Calls to your phone. This is very useful if you often get calls and alerts while sleeping or in a meeting.



Managing Your Privacy

Also in the Settings app, Apple has placed all your privacy settings in one place, so you can know which apps are accessing data on your phone. Tap on Privacy to find out which app has requested access to say your photos, Twitter and Facebook accounts, your current location, Calendar, Reminders, or Contacts. This is where you can disable and enable access to particular apps. With iOS 6, Apple now requires developers to get permission to access your data.

Iphone privacy



Shoot Panoramas

For us shutterbugs, Apple has added a feature for taking panorama shots. Now you can shoot large group and scenic photos in one single shot of mainly non-moving subjects. To do so, launch the Camera app, tap on the Options button and select Panorama.


Frame your shot and hold the iPhone or iPod touch steady; tap the shutter button,  and pan continuously to capture the subject. When you reach the end of your panning, tap the exposure button again. Voila, you get a nice smooth panorama in one shot.



More Siri Commands

As expected, Siri now includes even more commands—from getting sports stats and finding local movie time listings, to actually telling it launch apps. You can even have Siri setup reservations at an elegant restaurant. Learn more about Siri commands here.

Features siri



Safari Features

iOS Safari also received some enhancements. You can now save web pages in the Reading List for offline reading. So say your iPad doesn’t have cellular connection, you can save pages for later reading without needing an internet connection.

With the latest Safari, you can also access web pages open on your other devices. So say you’re reading an MUO review on your Mac, and you want to pick up the reading on your iPhone or iPad. Simply tap on the Cloud icon at the top of iOS Safari and it will display a list of opened tabs from your other devices.

Features safari



Turn-by-Turn Navigation

In iOS 6, Apple ditched Google Maps and replaced it with its own navigation system. Now you have free default turn-by-turn voice navigation system to give you directions from point A to point B.

Maps heroGetting directions is very similar to the old Map. When you’re ready for directions, simply tap the Start button. The design makeover of the Apple Map is a lot cleaner and visually appealing.



Find My Phone

Under iOS 6, Find My Phone now includes Lock Mode, which enables you to remotely locate and lock your phone or other Apple device and send a contact message that will be displayed on the locked screen of your device. You can send a contact message by signing into your iCloud.com account, and selecting the Find My Phone icon on the Home page.


You can also use the Find My Phone app on other your iOS devices. Your lost device however must be be shut down in order for Find My Phone to work. You should definitely bookmark the iCloud site and know the steps to locate your device in case of an emergency. Find My Phone can also be used on Mac laptops and desktop computers.




One of the two new default default apps you will see in iOS 6 is Passbook, which is for storing supported travel boarding passes, movie tickets, store coupons, and loyalty cards. When you launch the app, it takes you to the App Store where you select and download the supporting apps to your iPhone. From there, cards and tickets will be added to your Passbook when you register for loyalty cards or purchase movie tickets, for example.

Passbook overview

iOS includes lots of other features including Facebook integration, improved Accessibility features, FaceTime access over cellular networks and location-based alerts in the updated Find My Friends app—just to name a few.

Let us know what iOS 6 features you find most useful, and which features you think could use some improvements.


Source from: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/10-ios-6-howto-tips-iphone-ipad-ipad-touch/


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Top 10 Secret Features of iOS 6

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September 24 2012 2 24 /09 /September /2012 10:15


Apple released iOS 6 this week, bringing a handful of new features to iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. While they defined many of the flagship features, several were left unsaid. These are our 10 favorite secret features in iOS 6.

10. Pull to Refresh

Top 10 Secret Features of iOS 6Pull to refresh is one of the greatest gestures that Apple took next to forever to adopt. iOS 6 finally allows you to pull down to refresh your mail accounts and various other data sources. Ignore the reload button and start swiping down.

9. Tons of New Emoji


Some people love their emoji—the cute icons you can add to messages, emails, or really anywhere that accepts text in iOS. Apple just added a ton of new options. If you have your emoji keyboard enabled already, you don't have to do anything. If not, you can enable it in the Settings app by going to General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard. That will bring up a list. Choose Emoji and you're all set.


8. Limit Ad Tracking

Top 10 Secret Features of iOS 6Everyone's trying to track you on the web, and your phone is no different. If you'd rather advertisers not track your activity and serve up targeted ads, iOS 6 lets you turn off tracking with a simple switch. Just head to Settings > General > About > Advertising and flip the switch to On. It may take a little while for you to stop seeing targeted ads, but soon enough your activity should be much more private.

7. Wake Up to a Song


Apple update the Clock app—which I still hold to be my favorite native app—to give the alarm functionality a boost. No longer do you have to wake up to one of your ringtones. Instead, you can pick any song in your library. You could even make a recording of yourself telling you to wake the hell up, sync it to your iDevice, and open your eyes to a sunny day and your own, obnoxious voice. Or you could just pick a song that you like. Regardless, you now have a choice. That's very much appreciated.


6. Late Night Listening


Although not available on all devices, newer iPhones and iPads have a new EQ setting: Late Night. This option lowers bass levels and attempts to make your music less-intrusive in the evening so you can listen and fall asleep easily without being distracted by anything too jarring. Why Apple didn't include this option on earlier devices is beyond us, but iOS 6 has shown how much they like to unnecessarily limit their software to keep you from getting off the upgrade treadmill.


5. Only Receive Message Alerts from Your Contacts


Don't care if you get an iMessage from an unknown source? You don't have to. If you head into the Settings app, then Notifications, then Messages, you can set your alerts to only show up for your contacts. If you don't want to be bothered by people who aren't worth sticking in your contacts—like spam message bots, for example—iOS 6 lets you ignore them.


4. Sync Your Text Expansion Shortcuts Across Devices


Apple added text expansion to iOS 5, and it was awesome, letting you type in long usernames, addresses, and other text with just a few strokes on your keyboard. We showed you some essential shortcuts to set up, and now iOS 6 has made the feature even better, letting you sync it between your other iOS devices (like an iPod touch and an iPad)—along with your custom keyboard dictionary. To do so, you'll need an iCloud account. Then, just head to Settings > iCloud, and scroll down to Documents & Data. Tap it, flip the switch to On, and do the same on your other iOS 6 devices. Your custom dictionary and shortcuts should stay in sync between all your devices.


3. Launch Apps with Siri

Top 10 Secret Features of iOS 6Apple told us Siri got smarter in iOS 6, but they neglected to mention that she'd launch apps for you. All you have to do is activate Siri and then say the word "launch" plus the name of the app you want to open. While this may seem a little lazy, it's really useful if you have a bunch of apps and don't necessarily remember where they all are. You no longer need to search—Siri can do the work for you.

2. Archive or Delete Messages in Mail


A common Mail complaint among Gmail users has long been the need to choose between archiving and deleting a message. iOS just never provided a way to choose on the fly. Now you can. To do this, open a message, tap and hold the Archive button, and make your choice. The unfortunate reality is that you have to actually open the message to do this. You can't tap and hold the Archive button in list view to get these options. That said, it's a welcome improvement. We still prefer Sparrow, though.


1. Walking Directions in Maps


People are not happy with the new Maps app in iOS 6. It's full of problems. One of the major complaints is that it only provides driving directions, leaving walkers, bikers, and public transit users behind. The good news is that Apple didn't leave out these features entirely. In fact, walking directions are still available. To find them, just tap the bent arrow "directions" button in Maps and you'll see your recent destinations. From there, you can toggle between driving, walking, and public transit. Walking directions will work without issue. Public transit, on the other hand, will try to route you to another app (and fail, for now). Hopefully we'll see Apple improve Maps quickly and bring back these important, lost features. In the meantime, if this secret feature isn't enough to satisfy you then check out Lumatic. It might do the trick.



Source from: http://lifehacker.com/5944961/top-10-secret-features-of-ios-6



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Top 10 Secret Features of OS X Mountain Lion


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July 30 2012 2 30 /07 /July /2012 11:30

OS X Mountain Lion has made over 200 small changes, a few of them were bound to be awesome. Here are our top ten favorites.

10. Encrypted Time Machine Backups

Top 10 Secret Features of OS X Mountain Lion

Time Machine is a great, simple backup service that's been a part of OS X for a few years now. One of the primary complaints, however, is its lack of options. While Mountain Lion didn't bring a ton of configurability—and Apple is unlikely to add too many options in favor of simplicity—it did bring encrypted backups. If you've got some sensitive materials on your hard drive, you no longer need to worry. Enabling encrypted backups is simple: go into the Time Machine section of System Preferences, click on Select Disk, choose a disk, and check the box beside Encrypt Backups.

9. Organize Your Dashboard Widgets into Folders



In addition to offering a much simpler Dashboard where your available widgets are presented like apps, you can now organize them into folders. This works much like you'd expect. Just drag one widget onto another and a folder will be created. You can name it whatever you like and start keeping your widgets tidier so it's simple to find what you want. And if that's not enough, you can now search your widgets as well. You'll find a search box up at the top of the screen when adding a new widget.

8. Pin Notes to the Desktop

Top 10 Secret Features of OS X Mountain Lion


It seems Apple hasn't forgotten that people still love Stickies, an old little notes app from the days os Mac OS 9. Stickies is notably missing from Mountain Lion, likely because the Notes app has replaced it. It may seem like you can't have desktop-friendly notes, but if you double click on any note in your notes list you can open it separately just like the sticky notes of old. It'll stick around even if you close the primary notes window, too. Even better, your notes will now sync with iCloud so you can have all your important text on every Mac you own.

7. Tweet from Notification Center

Top 10 Secret Features of OS X Mountain Lion


If you like to tweet, Mountain Lion has plenty of ways you can do it with Twitter integration throughout the OS. Anywhere you see the share icon, you can share it on Twitter (if you're signed in via the Mail, Contacts, & Calendars section of System Preferences). Doing so ends up composing a message containing a file or URL, however, so it's not that convenient if you just want to tweet some text. That's where Notification Center comes in. Open it up, and you'll find a link that says "Click to Tweet" at the top. It does exactly what you'd expect.

6. Single Sign-On

Top 10 Secret Features of OS X Mountain Lion

Since Lion, OS X has allowed you to sign into many of your accounts from the Mail, Contacts, & Calendars section of System Preferences. Mountain Lion now uses this information more effectively by keeping you signed into these services whenever you need to log in. This way you don't have to enter your username and password constantly, and that information is stored securely on your computer. Right now your options are fairly limited, but Apple intends to add Facebook access in the Fall so we may be able to expect incremental updates that add single sign-on integration in the future.


5. Quiet Notification Center for a Day

Top 10 Secret Features of OS X Mountain Lion


Notification Center does a pretty good job of staying out of your way, but if your want your notifications to shut up for awhile you can do that pretty easily. All you have to do is option-click the Notification Center icon in the top right corner of your menubar. Alternative, you can open Notification Center, scroll up in the list, and you'll find a toggle switch to turn "Do Not Disturb" mode on and off.

4. Rename Files in the Document Header



Working on a document and want to change its name? Prior to Mountain Lion you'd have to save it, close it, change the name in the Finder, and then open the document back up again. Now you can just click its name and choose Rename from a list of drop-down options. This is much easier and less time-consuming.

3. Share Images (and Other Stuff) from QuickLook

Mountain Lion makes every effort to make sharing easy,


and one of the best implementations is through QuickLook. Say you're browsing photos on your camera using QuickLook and you want to share one, all you have to do is click the share icon and send it over to Flickr, Twitter, an email, or, in the Fall, Facebook. This is a pretty simple way to just get your photos where you want them at a moment's notice.

2. Insert a Page into a PDF Document Using Your Scanner



Let's say you have a PDF document and it's missing a page, or you just want to add a new page easily. In Mountain Lion, you can insert pages easily by opening the Edit menu and visiting the Insert submenu. Here you'll find options to insert a page from a file or by scanning it in. Both are cool, helpful, and a welcome edition to Preview—OS X's most underrated app.

1. Copy Files in Screen Sharing

Top 10 Secret Features of OS X Mountain Lion


When you're remotely accessing another computer with Screen Sharing, you're generally doing this to control that computer. Sometimes you'll find yourself without a file you need on that machine, but happen to have sitting on your primary computer's desktop. In Mountain Lion, you can just drag the file onto the shared screen, drop it where you want it, and it'll be copied over the network. This feature has actually been around in Apple's Remote Desktop software for several years, but it's nice to finally see it on the consumer side. Note: to use this feature, both the shared and primary computer need to be running Mountain Lion.



Resource from: http://lifehacker.com/5928950/top-10-secret-features-of-os-x-mountain-lion

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July 23 2012 2 23 /07 /July /2012 11:32

Learning to play an instrument can be pretty hard, but it’s never too late to get started. At these times, the best way to keep going is to facilitate those engagements; make them accessible and fun. One way to do that is to make use of modern technology.musician apps for ipad

In this article, we’ll be looking at iPad applications that are aimed at starting musicians, or can be used by people who want to brush up on their guitar-playing skills from high school.

Mind you, these apps won’t show you how to learn the instrument, but provide nifty tools that will prove to be incredibly useful to many amateur musicians.


If you want to be more than a one-trick musical pony, memorizing individual songs from YouTube, you’ll have to be able to easily read sheet music. After learning the basic notes and chords, the only thing that will make you more fluent is practice; lots of practice.

musician apps for ipad

That’s where Notable comes in. This beautifully designed iPad app quizzes you about individual notes and chords, sharps and flats, mixing different keys depending on the difficulty setting and chosen exercise categories. Keep a close eye on the timer, and try not to linger on any one question too long. If you’re feeling particularly skilled, you can enable the ‘insane mode’ in the preferences. This makes Notable stop drawing the notes, so you can practice pitch recognition by ear.

Yamaha NoteStar

Having tried most, if not all of the sheet music applications in the App Store, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two distinct categories. The kind that allows you to read your own PDF sheet music in an over-glorified PDF reader, and the kind with an in-app sheet music store.

To carry your own PDF sheet music library on the go, I’d suggest you to keep using iBooks, the default iPad PDF reader. However, if your instrument of choice is a keyboard or piano, I urge you to take a look at Yamaha NoteStar.

musician apps

Yamaha NoteStar is a very slick and intuitive musician app for iPad, with an in-app store for cheat music. The cheat music is not cheap, but you can sample (generally the first two pages) of every song. Each of these songs also comes with complete vocals and percussion when applicable, which you can turn on or off. It’s also really easy to change the tempo of the song, or play a transposition of the song; that is, play it in a different key.

n-Track Tuner

Even when you’re still getting the hang of your instrument, it’s important to keep it in tune. For a piano, this might be easier said than done, but most string instruments should be tuned regularly. You can do this by ear, using a special tuning device, but also using your iPad.

Having your iPad around can be really useful to quickly tune an instrument, but you should consider buying a “real” tuner. It will only cost a few bucks, and is likely more accurate than the built-in microphone of your iPad.

musician apps for ipad

n-Track Tuner is very easy to use. Play a long note on your instrument, and the app will tell you what it picked up. Seeing an F-sharp when expecting a G? You’ll have to higher the pitch. At the bottom of the screen, the green bar will show you when the observed note is higher in pitch than the one displayed on the screen, and the red bar indicates when a note is lower than the one displayed.

Considering the size of the App Store, and the number of musician apps for iPad in it, this article is hardly a complete source. Do you know any other iPad apps? Voice your suggestions in the comments below the article!

Source: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/3-free-ipad-apps-starting-musicians/

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How to Convert Video to MP3 on Mac

How to Rip DVD Soundtrack to iPad, iPhone and iPod

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June 12 2012 3 12 /06 /June /2012 08:07

iOS 6 isn't coming to your iPhones and iPads for another few months, but a lot of its best features are available through third-party apps and jailbreak hacks right now. If you want to get in on the action early, here are a few downloads you'll want to check out.

Brand New Maps with Live Traffic


The new maps app in iOS 6 brings a new data source, live traffic, and turn-by-turn navigation. This is, perhaps, one of the most highly-desired features since Google introduced this feature into Android several years ago. While Apple's update should prove to be pretty amazing, we love a great app called Waze, which already handles most of these additions. It provides free turn-by-turn navigation that's informed by traffic reports and updates by other users. On top of that, Waze keeps an eye on nearby police cars and other points of interest on your route.

If you're jailbroken and want to take it even further, previously mentioned tweak Navigate From Maps will let you navigate to any found location in the Maps app with Waze (or any turn-by-turn navigation app of your choice). This makes address input and discovery especially simple.

Download Waze (Free)

Do Not Disturb


One exciting system-wide update is Do Not Disturb. Setting your phone to vibrate while you sleep, or simply don't want to be bothered, isn't always enough. Do Not Disturb allows you to shut off any type of notification so you're not bothered during any time period. On top of that, you can add exceptions so that you are interrupted in case of an emergency. While no current app can do this, there is an option for those of you who are jailbroken. Previously mentioned iSleepWell is a $1 tweak that puts your phone into Airplane Mode when you place it face down. This ensures that no data is going to come in and bother you, but that your alarms will still be able to go off. While not quite as robust as Apple's upcoming solution, it's enough to do the job until iOS 6 is released in the Fall.

iSleepWell ($1, available on Cydia)



Passbook is a handy app that organizes all your tickets and passes (e.g. a boarding pass for a flight) in one place. While this should prove to be pretty useful, there are plenty of apps that do this already. Everything buckets like Evernote are especially good at this, as you can create a notebook specifically for your tickets and passes that not only will be available on your mobile device but computer and any web browser as well. If Evernote is not your cup of tea, all you really need is a good, PDF-syncing app to keep your important tickets and passes handy. What works really well is just signing up for Dropbox and saving PDF copies of any tickets or passes to a folder. That way you can grab the iPhone app and just access any of those PDFs whenever you need them. It's not the world's most robust solution, but it's very simple and easy. If your main interest is travel, we've couldn't recommend TripIt more.

Download Evernote (Free)

Download Dropbox

Facebook Integration

Although Facebook has a great official app already available on the iPhone, achieving tighter integration with the social networking service is currently an iOS 6-only affair—that is, unless you're jailbroken. A little tweak known as Fusion will alter iOS 5's system-wide Twitter integration so that it supports Facebook and other social networks as well. You just install it via Cydia, sign in to Facebook via Fusion's settings, and post to Facebook just like you would normally post to Twitter on your iPhone. It's simple, convenient, and uses the interface you're probably already used to.

Fusion ($2, available on Cydia)

Easy Photo Uploads

How to Get the Best Features of iOS 6 Right Now


Sometimes the little things Apple adds to iOS are the most appreciated, and easy photo uploads are one of them. While sharing in some ways is pretty easy on an iDevice, it's not so easy when you want to upload a photo through your web browser. While iOS 6 will bring this functionality, it's not here yet. If you're jailbroken, however, you can have it right now with a tweak called Safari Upload Enabler. It'll not only let you upload directly from your camera roll, but also from other parts of the file system. It costs $3, but it's worthwhile if you can't wait the few months for direct uploading.

Safari Upload Enabler ($3, available on Cydia)

Reply With Message

How to Get the Best Features of iOS 6 Right Now


When you're busy you can't always answer the phone or a text message, but sometimes you do want to let the person know you'll get back to them soon. Reply With Message is Apple's answer to this problem, allowing you to tap a pre-typed reply to any caller to let them know you're busy and can't answer at the moment. While this update will be a bit more convenient, jailbreak favorite biteSMS already offers something similar. Its Quick Compose and Quick Reply features will allow you to make a gesture and quickly send a text message to the caller or sender. It's not a perfect solution, but it's a great start.

BiteSMS (Free, available on Cydia)

Multiple Signatures in Mail



Apple's Mail app isn't bad, but it's not nearly as good as Sparrow. Not only can Sparrow manage multiple signatures to use between different mail accounts, it's just really a better app overall. If you're not familiar with it already, be sure to check out our initial impressions. While not perfect, and comes at a $3 cost, it is already a giant step up from Apple's built-in option.

Download Sparrow ($3)




Source from: http://lifehacker.com/5917490/how-to-get-the-best-features-of-ios-6-right-now




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June 1 2012 6 01 /06 /June /2012 12:31



The Best Movie Showtimes App for iPhone


There are few movie showtime apps available for iPhone, but among the shortage of choices we like Flixster the best for its many features and quick access to listings.




Platform: iPhone (and iPad)
Price: Free
Download Pag






  • Check movie listings based on your location and get showtimes plus trailers and other info.
  • Rate movies and post them to Facebook.
  • Find nearby restaurants with the aid of Yelp.
  • Save any movie to your Netflix queue.
  • Get DVD release dates.
  • All movies come with Rotten Tomatoes scores and reviews.
  • Search for any movie, actor, directory, writer, etc.
  • Buy or rent movies right on your iPhone via iTunes.
  • Play movie trivia quizes.
  • See a map of nearby theaters and what movies they're playing.

The Best Movie Showtimes App for iPhone

Flixster is an extremely comprehensive app. You get listings based on your location plus a ton of other stuff. You can easily watch trailers for any movie. You can also check out when a movie is coming to DVD and save it to your Netflix queue. When you've chosen a movie and you're heading to the theater you can find nearby restaurants so you can grab something to eat before or after the show. Flixster can do a lot and it's fast.

The Best Movie Showtimes App for iPhone

You can't buy tickets directly from the Flixster app. You also can't filter movies that are playing in your area soon. So if, for example, you know you want to see a movie in the next 30 minutes but you're not sure when it's playing, you have to just check each movie or each theater rather than just seeing which movies are playing near you within that time frame. Not much to complain about other than that.

The Best Movie Showtimes App for iPhone

Before we get into the very small amount of competition on the iPhone, I want to mention where there is a very small amount of competition. Basically, services that provide movie listings used to make those listings affordable to developers but then they came out with their own apps. Now the licensing fees have gone up and few independent developers can afford to pay them. There's just not really a good business model for movie listing apps. There used to be a great app called Movies Now—which would likely be the top choice in this post if it still existed—but it doesn't because it couldn't afford to continue operating. This is why you don't see a lot of great options. There's nothing wrong with Flixster. It's a great app. It's just too bad there isn't much in the way of competition.

IMDb (Free) is the official Internet Movie Database app. Although its primary focus isn't showtimes, it does have a showtimes feature that is quite good. If you already have the IMDb app on your iPhone, it may be sufficient for movie listings and you won't need/want to download something else to do the job.

Showtimes (Free) is a decent app for movie showtimes, and it's been around since the early days of the iPhone, but it's not really at the level of Flixster or IMDb.




Source From:  http://lifehacker.com/5889347/the-best-movie-showtimes-app-for-iphone?tag=iphone-app-directory

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How to Rip DVD movies to your iPhone or iPhone 4S?





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May 28 2012 2 28 /05 /May /2012 10:38

If you have a tablet and want to express your creativity, there are plenty of great apps you can use to pass the time doodling or to create beautiful digital art. If you have a stylus, they're even easier to use, but most of them only require a steady finger and a good imagination to make something beautiful. This week we're going to look at five of the best tablet drawing apps, based on your nominations.

Earlier in the week, we asked you which tablet drawing apps you used when you felt creative. You responded with some great nominations, and now we're back to take a look at the top five.

Sketchbook Express for iOS/Express for Android/Mobile for Android/Pro/Pro for Android (iOS: Free/$4.99, Android: Free/$1.99/$4.99)

Autodesk's Sketchbook series comes in multiple flavors for multiple platforms, and in each one of them you get a clean UI, plenty of tools to make your ideas come to life on your tablet's display even if you're using the free versions of the app, a full multi-touch interface that works best with a stylus (but doesn't require one), layers, tons of brushes, pens, and drawing tools, and the ability to undo and redo—all things you would expect from a well built drawing app. If you want more brushes or tools, you can always get more via in-app purchases. When you're finished with your masterpiece, you can save it to your gallery or photo roll or share it with the world.





Paper (iOS: Free)

Paper is iOS only, but it's made waves for its unique and beautiful approach to a drawing app. Create your notebooks based on date, theme, or whatever you want to draw, and set to work. You get some basic brushes and colors out of the gate, so it's perfect for idle doodling, but you unearth the app's real potential pretty quickly when you start playing with watercolors and the app's multiple pen and brush styles. Finally, your work is saved as you progress inside of the app, but you can always share your photos with friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. Paper is completely free—all of the additional brushes, notebooks, features, and tools are available in the app through in-app purchases when you need them, and you can try them before you buy.



Procreate (iOS: $4.99)

Procreate earned high praise from many of you for being immensely feature rich, fast, and full of tools for the price you pay to get it. The app offers hundreds of drawing and illustration tools packed into a streamlined interface, including 16 layers to your images and the ability to control them all, a wealth of brushes and drawing tools and the ability to tweak those brushes and styles with dozens of options, 100 undo/redo strokes, auto-saving while you draw, all wrapped up in a gorgeous UI that makes being creative that much more fun. When you're all fnished, you can save your work to your gallery, or you can even export your image to Adobe Photoshop so you can take over on the desktop.





Artrage (iPhone: $1.99/iPad: $6.99)

ArtRage for iPhone and iPad do a great job at bringing the long-standing and popular ArtRage for Mac and Windows to tablet screens. The app combines a natural drawing interface with tons of brushes and other painting and drawing tools you may be accustomed to using on canvas or paper. Sure, you have a paintbrush and a pen, but you also have a palette knife, watercolor brush, and the ability to control all of those brushes while you work. Select whether you're working on canvas or paper, with watercolors, oil, or acrylic paint, even reference images to "tape" on your canvas to look at while you work or trace in pencil. Where other drawing apps walk the line between being an illustration studio combined with a causal doodling tool, Artrage very much a serious painting and drawing tool. Don't let the price tag fool you, it's feature-packed, and friendly for both beginners and experienced illustrators.





Infinite Design/Free (Android: Free/$4.99)

The only nominee in our roundup that's Android-only, Infinite Design gives you the tools you need to doodle, make handwritten notes, and draw beautiful and intricate designs on your Android device's display with ease. Infinite Design features an infinitely zooming canvas, canvas rotation, and canvas-wide effects you can apply to your artwork, and multiple brushes and drawing tools you can use to make your ideas come to life. The app allows you to draw vector graphics, tweak them using multi-touch gestures, and saves your work as you draw. When you're finished, you can export your work to your gallery as JPGs, PNGs, or SVGs so you can work with them again later. The app is fast, and works just as well for quick sketches and doodles as it does for meticulous designs and drawings. If you like Infinite Design, Infinite Painter, from the same developer, is also worth a look.






Source from: http://lifehacker.com/5913489/five-best-tablet-drawing-apps


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