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July 4 2013 5 04 /07 /July /2013 11:09


Reading documents in PDF form is great. But what if you’re looking at recipe on your tablet and want to update it (that really should say teaspoons, not cups!)? The most annoying thing about PDFs, hands down, is that you can’t edit them. Thankfully, there’s an easy remedy: convert a PDF document into Microsoft Word’s standard .DOC or .DOCX formats! By doing this, you’ll be able to read and make changes to the document in your word processor of choice (and then save it as a PDF if you really prefer the document in that format).

In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you the easiest way to convert PDF files into the .DOCX format – with or without using Adobe Acrobat. We’ve also included a free method for converting large batches of PDFs simultaneously. Here’s how it’s done:

With Adobe Acrobat

*Note: you’ll need the paid version of Acrobat to use this method. If you don’t have Acrobat, or only have the free version, skip to the next section.

  1. Open the PDF document you’d like to convert.
  2. Click File, then Save As.
  3. In the drop-down menu labeled Format, select the .DOCX format.
  4. Click Save. You may have to wait for a moment. 

Without Adobe Acrobat

The free version of Adobe Acrobat won’t allow you to make conversions, so for those of you who don’t feel like shelling out $300 just to do a single file conversion, we’ve detailed a completely free way to convert your PDF into .DOCX below.

  1. Head over to pdftoword.com.
  2. Click on the Choose File button.
  3. In the pop-up window, find the file you want to convert, select it, and click Open.
  4. Enter your email address in the box.
  5. Complete the Captcha code on the bottom to prove that you’re a human.
  6. Click the blue Convert button at the bottom.
  7. Head over to the inbox of the email address you entered in step 4, and look for an email from pdftoword.
  8. Open the email and download the freshly-converted file. 

Batch file converting

If you’ve got a whole bunch of PDFs that you need to convert into a word-friendly format, here’s the best way to do it

  1. Download Wondershare PDF to Word for Windows or Mac.  The free trial lasts for 15 days, but it doesn’t have any limits on the number of files you can convert.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.
  3. Open Wondershare.
  4. Import and convert your files. Wondershare can batch convert up to 50 PDF documents at once.

That’s it! Did you like our PDF to Word tutorial? Do you have a better way of doing things? If so, let us know in the comments below! 

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/convert-pdf-to-word/#ixzz2Y49ZzW3O 

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July 24 2012 3 24 /07 /July /2012 09:03

How do you rip DVD movies to your Mac? It’s actually easy, but somewhat time consuming, yet well worth the effort. All you need are DVD movies, your Mac, and one of these three Mac apps, one of which is free.

Click, Rip, Save, Watch

These three Mac apps are in inverse proportion to their complexity. The most expensive DVD ripper is the easiest.

The least expensive DVD ripper app (it’s free) is also the most complex to use.

Regardless, here are three ways to rip DVD moves and save them for viewing to your Mac.

Wait. Since you already have the DVD movie, why not just carry the DVD with you and play it back on your Mac?

First, who wants to carry around a stack of DVDs to play? That is so 1999. Second, your Mac notebook’s battery life goes down much faster while playing a DVD than playing a movie ripped from a DVD.

Finally, three words. MacBook Air. Oh, and iPad. There’s no DVD player in either device so ripping is your friend. The idea is to get as many movies ripped to your Mac as your storage allows.



#3 – RipIt: Without a doubt, the easiest app to use is RipIt. Launch RipIt. Insert your DVD movie. Click the Rip button.


RipIt will let you know how much time is remaining until the ripping is complete.

In the meantime, you have options to rename the ripped movie. The Compress button will create a smaller sized ripped movie for use on iTunes, iPod, iPhone, or iPad.



#2 – Mac DVDRipper Pro. Almost as easy to use, and a few dollars less expensive, is Mac DVD Ripper Pro. Stuff your DVD movie into your Mac, select a Save destination, and click to begin ripping.


The benefits of ripping to your Mac are obvious. If you have a DVD collection, you can rip them once and store the DVDs to avoid scratches, dings, and loss. It’s also a good way to backup a DVD collection.



#1 – HandBrake: The free way to rip DVD movies is HandBrake. The interface is more complicated, with far more options than either RipIt or Mac DVDRipper Pro, but the price is right.

Download HandBrake, drop a DVD movie into your Mac, muddle through the various and sundry settings, and let ‘er rip. Life is good, right? Especially with presets for moving movies to iPhone and iPad from your Mac.

Not so fast. Those Netflix DVD movie rentals are usually copy protected and that’s where your ripping mileage varies. Sometimes the movies can be ripped to your Mac, and sometimes not.

Still, what you get in the end, assuming all goes well, and you don’t develop some crazy, untreatable disease while waiting for the ripping process to finish, is a DVD movie that plays on your Mac, saves your Mac’s battery, extends the life of your DVD collection, and lets you time shift DVD rentals.


Source: http://mac360.com/2012/01/3-drop-dead-easy-ways-to-rip-dvd-movies-to-your-mac/


Besides that,  Any Video Converter Ultimate for Mac as a professional video conversion tool, it is also a handy DVD ripper.


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Published by carmenaboutsoftware - in Different Ways TO Convert
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